Domestic shipping is flat rate $9.95! Due to Covid-19, Time to ship (TAT) is 5-10 business days. Everything is ready to ship, we are always open!


1. How much is shipping?

Shipping is currently a flat rate charge of $9.95 for Domestic orders.

Rates have recently gone up, and we appreciate your understanding while we adjust as well.  

For all orders, we will refund shipping overages in excess of $1.

2. Do you ship outside the USA?

Yes! We now ship to Canada!

We have no control over pricing and what happens to your package once it is in the hands of the USPS and Canadian Post, and any extra customs or border fees incurred are your responsibility.  

If shipping ends up costing more than was estimated by the Shopify calculators, you will be contacted so we can send you an invoice. This is rare, but may happen on occasion. 

3. What is the turn around time for orders? When will I get my order?

*** During the current quarantine/lockdown situation due to Covid-19, our Turn Around Time is 5-7 business days. We are practicing CDC suggested safety guidelines as always, and 

Most items listed are Ready To Ship (RTS)! They leave our studio within 2-4 business days of placing an order. If there is any delay, we will notify you via the email you provide. 

Made To Order custom items currently have a turn around time (TAT) of 2-4 weeks. It is usually less, except during busy holidays. 

Once the USPS or UPS has your order, we have no control over delivery time. We provide tracking so you can follow your package as it travels to you.

Please read product listings fully for details. Contact us with special requests and shipping needs!

4. Can I combine orders? I found something else I want to add!

Yes! We created the "Build A Box" listing to add to an order if you want to grab stuff now, and wait for our next release! 

If you forget to add the Build A Box listing, please contact us immediately to combine orders. 

5. Is my wax or candle ready, or does it need to cure?

Most of our wax is cured when we list it. Soy wax requires a 2 week time (usually) to cure, and allow the fragrance to fully combine with the natural soy wax. It will get stronger with time. 

If your item was poured recently and a longer cure time is recommended, a cure date will be provided. 

6. How do I best care for my artisan soap?

All soap should be kept in a draining dish of some kind (not one of those spongy ones, though!) and allowed to dry in between use. Move it out of the direct past of shower water! Doing this will ensure it lasts a very long time, and retains it's fragrance. We've had cold and hot process soap bars last for months with proper care!

Glycerin soap should be kept as dry as possible as well, but do not last as long as cold or hot process soaps. 

7. I really love your stuff and want to be a brand rep/ambassador, do you have a program? 

Yes! Please follow us on Instagram for announcements, we open up our search 2-3 times a year. 

8. Why shop here instead of Etsy? What's the deal?

You can shop wherever you like! Here you will get the best prices, as Etsy has changed their format recently, and now require free shipping over $35, and prices are higher in my Etsy shop to account for that and other Etsy fees.

You can also earn reward points and take advantage of sales when shopping direct from our website.   

Did we miss something? Please contact us with questions, and check out the policy pages for more info. Thanks!