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Care & Ingredients

Care for your soaps, bath, and body products:

Keep all in a dry and cool place. For artisan soap, use a draining soap holder if possible. Your bars will last a LONG time if cared for, and they actually get better with age! If they feel too big to wash with comfortably, cut the bar in half and enjoy!

All other items have a shelf life of one year from date of purchase, with the exception of bath bombs - after 2-6 months they tend to start to lose their bubble/fizz power, so take that bath and use 'em up! Treat yo self! More info on ingredients can be found below, and find use instructions in each product description.

A Note About Ingredients:

All ingredient info can be found clearly listed in full in each product description. Please do not buy anything you may have an allergy to, and we are not responsible for any reactions caused by our products. Our family deals with allergies and sensitive skin, so we are very careful about ingredients, but we can not guarantee anything, because we are all so different. When using a new product, a skin patch test is recommended.

Our Products Are:

-Gluten Free

-Nut Oil Free**

-Paraben Free

-Sulfate Free/ SLS Free

-Cruelty Free

-Phthalate Free Premium Fragrance

-We use palm products that are RSPO compliant/sustainable

-Prop 65 chemical free

**we DO use coconut oil and shea butter (which comes from the shea nut), so please read ingredients carefully if you have allergies

Before using a new ingredient, we research it vigorously (Claire is a former research scientist) and check the Environmental Working Group ratings for that ingredient (check out that listing for a phthalate found in some fragrances and nail polish! Yikes). Many ingredients have long chemical sounding names, because they are derived from coconut, salts, etc... but they are good for your skin, gentle, and less harsh than some natural ingredients (such as essential oils - which can be downright dangerous if not used cautiously!). An example is Cocamidopropyl betaine, which is a mild surfactant that comes from coconut oil, and is commonly used as a secondary foaming agent in liquid washes. It's a great alternative to harsh SLS/sulfate bubbling agents. 

We also encourage you to look up the benefits of ingredients, as the FDA will not allow us to make claims about them. We in no way suggest that our products are meant to treat, cure, or heal anything. They are just nice, happy products that feel great on your skin!

Questions About Vegan Products:

Most of our products are vegan, meaning they contain no animal products. Some of our cooked soaps and salves, however, contain honey or cream. We love raw locally sourced honey and cream, and the amazing things they can do for your skin. We believe in supporting our beekeeping friends and their efforts to help repopulate bee colony numbers, and supporting local sustainable farms. Everything is clearly labeled so you can make the choice best for you. 

Soy Wax Candles & Melts:

Did you know? Our soy wax is 100% USA grown, non-GMO, food grade, and sustainable. Soy wax does not contain the carcinogens that paraffin does, as paraffin is petroleum based, and thus is not a renewable resource. All fragrances used are phthalate free and do not contain Toluene or any other Prop 65 listed chemicals. We don't want to use those chemicals when making them, so they sure aren't going to be in your wax (or anything in our studio!). Our wax creations will give a clean burn that you can feel good about. 

Like soap and wine, soy wax "cures" and is actually stronger and better with age. We suggest a two week cure time from the pour date, and if your hot throw isn't as strong as you'd like, let your wax cure a bit longer. This allows the fragrance and essential oils to bind with the soy. Most of our wax is cured when listed for sale, but if not, we list the cure date on the product. Anytime after that date is suggested for best use. 

Wax Use instructions:

Candles: On your first burn, be sure to allow a "memory" melt pool to form that reaches the edges of your container, and a 2 hour burn time is suggested. Always blow out your wick gently (not by putting the lid on!), and trim to 1/4" before lighting it again. Follow all common sense safety practices when candles are lit, most importantly to never leave them unattended. See the warning label on your candle for more info.

Wax Melts: Chop, break, or use as much wax as will safely fit in your warmer. Our melts will work with tea light warmers, plate warmers, and electric warmers - but please be aware that they all function at different strengths and produce different hot throw results, as do various fragrances. Use your melts repeatedly until the fragrance is not detectable, and remove carefully with a cotton ball, or freeze the wax, and it usually pops right out of your warmer. Follow all safety rules for wax melts listed on your warmer.

By purchasing from us, you agree that we are not liable for any allergies, reactions, or damage from our products.