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Stranger Scoops Wax Melts
Stranger Scoops Wax Melts
Stranger Scoops Wax Melts
Stranger Scoops Wax Melts

Stranger Scoops Wax Melts

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Enjoy wax melt ice cream scoops inspired by our favorite Stranger mall ice cream parlor and Erica! Topped with gorgeous plant based biodegradable glitter, sugar sprinkles, and made of 100% soy wax. These were lovingly hand scooped and decorated, and are all a bit different!

Check out our Instagram for a melting video of these, they are so fun to watch literally melt in your warmer! 

Scents:Choose from one of the following

- Raspberry Cake Batter Ice Cream: Fresh raspberries with delicious cake batter accord with sweet sugar cane and vanilla extract. (pink)

- Lime Dew Ice Sherbet: Classic lemon/lime fizzy pop that you can smell bubbling (don't ask me how!) with a touch of sugared waffle cones. (green)

- Blueberry Caramel Cream Cheesecake: The inviting aroma of baked vanilla cheesecake and mouthwatering blueberries with confectionery shop style buttery caramel. (blue)

Size: This listing is for one scoop of wax, approx 2 oz in weight

Features/Wax: We add the maximum amount of fragrance possible for this type of wax. We use pure soy wax with no fillers, blends, or other chemicals. It's American made, non-GMO, and all our scents are phthalate free. Paraffin blends contain petroleum, and we use sustainable soy by conscious choice.

To use: Only use with wax warmers! Place desired amount in your warmer and enjoy. There may be a frosted look to the top of your wax, which is completely normal for a 100% soy wax, and part of buying all natural, clean burning wax :)

⚠️ ALWAYS FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS OF YOUR WAX WARMER. Never leave warming wax unattended. Don't eat the wax. (duh)

💜 These are poured (scooped!) in small batches, and may vary slightly in color and shape. 

slightly in color.