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Enchanted Macarons Wax Melts: 1 oz
Enchanted Macarons Wax Melts: 1 oz
Enchanted Macarons Wax Melts: 1 oz

Enchanted Macarons Wax Melts: 1 oz

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These hand piped macarons are inspired by spells from our favorite wizarding world! 

All piping is scented in Buttery Brew, which is a blend of butterscotch, vanilla, graham cracker, and a touch of rum. You can pop the ends off and blend these separately, together, or cocktail them with other blends! 

All of these contain a higher than normal scent load, lots of mica, eco-glitter, and sprinkles (which dissolve in your warmer), and create a beautiful wax pool.

Scent Choices:

(PURPLE) Engorgio: Froot Loops + Cake Batter Ice Cream+ Buttery Brew Filling

(BLUE) Evanesco: Blueberry Cobbler + Funnel Cake + Buttery Brew Filling

(YELLOW) Incendio: Bacon & Vermont Red Maple + Buttery Brew Filling

(PINK) Muffluato: Pink Cotton Candy & Salty Sea Air (crisp ozone, salty sea spray, seaweed, sun-weathered driftwood, and a hint of water lily)+ Buttery Brew Filling

(BLUE) Obliviate: Pomegranate Cider (Pomegranate, Lemon Peel, Cranberry, Red Currant, Apple Cider, Spice)+ Buttery Brew Filling

(GREEN) Relashio: Fresh baked bread + sweet apples, peaches, melons and delicate white flower blossoms (Apple Blossom)+ Buttery Brew Filling

Size: A single macaron as pictured, 1 oz in weight that come in a resealable poly bag

Notes/Wax: We add the maximum amount of fragrance possible for this type of wax. We use pure soy wax with no fillers, blends, or other chemicals. It's American made, non-GMO, and all our scents are phthalate free. Paraffin blends contain petroleum, and we use sustainable soy by conscious choice and do not use parasoy or paraffin wax.

To use: Only use with wax warmers! Cut up or use all at once if your warmer is big enough. There may be a frosted look to the top of your wax, which is completely normal for a 100% soy wax, and part of buying all natural, clean burning wax. It will disappear once heated.

⚠️ ALWAYS FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS OF YOUR WAX WARMER. Never leave warming wax unattended.

💕These are poured in small batches, and may vary slightly in color.