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(The Big Fat) Festive Fandom Pre-Order!


Guys. My head and notes are full of so many ideas, it can be a bit hard to release things in a slow, smart way.

Since reopening in October, I have been focused on getting our staple collections restocked and revamped, and it's taken a while! Halloween took center stage, and many of those ideas have had to wait. Much, much longer than planned, actually. 

SO - I decided to pull from our current and upcoming collection plans and create this massive pre-order event. I have a ton of fandom molds, and am itching to use them! This pre-order will be mostly wax melts, but with bath, body and other designs in more limited quantities as well. My family helped with these names, I hope you find them as fun and clever as I do! I really feel blessed to do what I do, I enjoy it so much!

We wanted to include as many holidays as we could, as well as fall and winter themes for those that don't celebrate. If we missed anything, let us know!

Here's a preview of the names, can you guess the fandoms?

Pumpkin Juice Latte

The Great Hall

Happy Christmas, Harry

Dark knight, Holy Night

A Wonderwomanfull Life

Caroling with Lois & Clark

You Shall Not Pass 

Christmas Morning Second Breakfast

Winter Is Coming

Ice Dragon

Throne of Groans

Holiday Coffee & Contemplation 


New Years Toast with #ReyLo


Blue Milk and Cookies 

A Shrubbery

Santa Robots


Laughing All The Way

Leaf on the Wind

Hollodeck the Halls

"Spin a dreidel with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock"

Vanessa & Wade do Thanksgiving

Super Secret Boyband 


I'll be offering 1 oz cups, 2 oz cups, shapes mixes, and larger single shapes. The shape mixes will be fun - I finally get to use all these molds! I'll be posting previews in the coming weeks, can't wait to share them with you!

The pre-sale will start Nov 10th and run until I reach order capacity. Shipping will start on Dec 1st (at the latest), and final shipments will go out Dec 15th to be sure everyone gets everything on time!

Right now, USPS First Class Shipping is flat rate $5, Priority is calculated by weight, and everything ship free when you spend $75. 

Would love to hear your thoughts! Are there any fandoms that I missed that you love? Any names/scents you can think of for the holidays? If I use one of yours, you'll get a free wax melt clamshell with your custom design! 

Thanks and much love!


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